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Hypro-Oss® is a natural bovine bone substitution material for permanent filling and reconstruction of bone defects.

Each granule consists of 30% Atelo-Collagen Type I and 70% hydroxyapatite. Hypro-Oss® is produced by using our patented atelopeptidation and lyophilization processes.

Hypro-Oss® is a sterile medical device class III, ISO and CE-certified.


• Natural, not heated bovine bone composite

• Each granule is a composite of 30% Atelo-Collagen Type I and 70% hydroxyapatite

• Atelopeptidized, free of antigenic telopeptides

• Effective haemostatic properties, with anti-haematoma effect

• No need for steroids as anti-haematoma medication

• Contains native active bioelements (growth factors: Beta TGF, IGF, PDGF)

• Natural crystalline structure of hydroxyapatite components

• Excellent handling due to sticky Atelo-Collagen components

• Highest quality of new bone formation

• Conductive hxydroxyapatit and inductive Atelo-Collagen properties

• No physical or chemical changes of the native bone material

• Patented innovation

• Sterile and safe for four years after production


• Sinus lift

• Vertical and horizontal augmentation

• Intraosseous defects

• Periimplant defects

• Furcation defects

• Extraction sockets

• Filling of cysts

• Periodontal defects

Sinusmax | Soluções em Medicina Dentária