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The Kettenbach Dental business division is engaged in the development, production and sale of dental products.

Kettenbach has evolved into a major player on the global market, particularly as a specialist in the field of impression materials, thanks to almost 70 years of experience and a clear orientation toward the demands of the user. In doing so, we consistently focus on the in-house research and development and production of our products at our German location. You as the customer will notice the high level of innovation and the unvarying high quality.

We are pleased with your interest in our impression materials based on C-silicone, A-silicone and Vinylsiloxanether, the field of restorative materials and all accessories that are relevant for application with the system concept.

Kettenbach Panasil

Panasil ®

Kettenbach Identium

Identium ®

Kettenbach Futar

Futar ®

Kettenbach Mucopren

Mucopren ®

Silginat ®

Kettenbach Visalys

Visalys ®

Kettenbach Sympress

Sympress ®

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