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The Company

LEADER Italia s.r.l. was founded in 1996 to manufacture prosthetic components for implantology.

The production range has been gradually widened with the fabrication of internal hex, external hex. and MC connections. LEADER Italia stands out for the continuous innovation. Actually, since the beginning of its activities, the company has committed itself to the scientific and technological research to project and design surfaces suited to enhance and accelerate the osseointegration process.

Researches carried out with the cooperation of National and International Research Institutes and Universities as well as expert clinicians have achieved interesting results regarding the surface geometry and the implant manufacturing systems; the several published articles show the innovative solutions offered by the new tested technologies.

Since 2003, the research team consisting of National and International expert Clinicians and Universities has been testing an innovative implant manufacturing technology through a laser micorfusing process (DLMF Direct Laser Metal Forming) which allows the creation of a unique implant surface in the market: TiXos. TiXos surface is characterized by a tridimensional geometry constituted by interconnected micro and macro-cavities and pores that promote bone formation.

Such a technology allows the 3D computer design of the implants that are manufactured (also custom-made tooth for the single patient) with a tridimensional porous surface, which is absolutely new in the traditional implantology field. This implant line was introduced in the market in 2009 after several studies in vitro and in vivo on animals and humans.

So, today we can state that TiXos is the first and unique implant in the world manufactured through a direct laser metal forming technique by microfusion of titanium particles.

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